Welcome to the Savages Forum, please read this!


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    Welcome to the Savages Forum, please read this!

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    Hello guys!

    Welcome to the forum of “Savages”!
    We are a friendly sociable international guild on Refugia made by a bunch of friends to have fun and play together. If you are searching for a new peaceful home on this server and a team which welcomes you then you have found it!

    Like we said above, our main goal is having fun in Tibia. To achieve this we do a lot of teamhunts together, try to do warzones daily and help each other with any kind of quests and in any other way help is needed.

    We encourage new visitors on our page to register as you will be unable to see some forums on this site, aswell as post on the open forums until you do so.
    Information about our recruitment system, along with application guidelines can be found in our Application section.

    (Do not post your application in this thread)

    1. Our guild has a level requirement of level 120+
    We expect you to have no rule violations on Tibia.
    You should enjoy the game, be active and be open for teamhunts, quests, warzones etc.
    Our guild members enjoys to do stuff together and our main reason to play is a good community and friends.

    2. Your application should include:
    • Character information
    • “Tibia life” information (Former server(s), former guild(s) & for how long you played tibia)
    • Personal information (Few lines about yourself)
    • Reason(s) for wanting to join our guild
    You can check further information in the template

    3. Once the application is written every guild member will vote on your application.
    Depending on the percentage (%) of yes - and no votes you will be accepted or you won't.
    (Above 70% accepted, between 60-69% vices will decide, below 60% not accepted) This period takes around 3 days.

    4. When you have joined the guild there will be a one month trial.
    During this time vice leaders and guild members will keep an eye on you and check if you fit in the guild.


    Your Application - How it could look like.
    (Do not post it in this thread)

    1.Character information

    2.“Tibialife information”
    When did you start playing tibia / what is your experience:
    Your previous server(s) / why did you leave them:
    Your previous guild(s) / why did you leave them:
    Criminal records in tibia:

    3.Personal information
    Name, Age, Country, tell us something about your real life. – Write a few lines!

    4.Your reason for joining this guild!

    Good luck, enjoy applying!

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    Re: Welcome to the Savages Forum, please read this!

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